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A post disaster photo of Kedarnath township in Uttarakhand, that was hit by a flash flood on 17 June 2013.

The Indian Himalayan region is highly vulnerable to various hydro-meteorological hazards, and it was evident that a recent flash flood event during 16-17 June 2013, affected over 50,000 people in the mountain state of Uttarakhand in India.

Similarly, during 2012 two major flash floods in Okhimath area of Rudraprayag district and Uttarkashi districts led to death of over 120 people, huge resource loss and impacted the livelihood of hundreds of villages.

Prakriti Group

Towards the rescue, relief and rehabilitation in recent Uttarakhand disaster, which majorly hit Kedarnath region PRAKRITI, a mountain environment, that hosts the secretariat for Climate Himalaya has been working with number interested agencies in connecting and networking them with villages, communities and individuals in Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts.

The team members of Prakriti were able to connect potential agencies to the communities that helped in various rescue operations between 16-25 June, vis-à-vis in various relief supplies, where communities and people were totally disconnected from the mainland. The relief supplies were arranged in the form of food, shelter, health supplies and education material.

In various rehabilitation efforts Prakriti team networked a number of agencies with communities and individuals, those helped in providing shelter, constructing bridges, constructing schools, supporting children education, short and long term subsistence and livelihood support, etc.

In its knowledge networking and sharing initiative Prakriti group has been disseminating information and through its knowledge sharing initiative CLIMATE HIMALYA for awareness generation and advocacy among policy makers, donor agencies, civil society groups and international scientific community.

Brief Situation Analysis

In terms of the situation in the disaster hit area of Rudraprayag and Chamoli, Prakriti group is now focused in Kedarnath region of Rudraprayag, where the team interacts with a number of people and communities in details those in need of short and long and short term support.

Sulekha Devi Wo Anil Vajpai

Sulekha, who lost her husband on 17 June at Kedarnath, lives with her 6 year daughter in Lumgaundi village. She has no options for any livelihood support.

There are a number of poor families those have now come to a situation where they don’t even have food grains and energy options for cooking. There are families those lost their businesses due to disaster and now don’t have income, and many are not getting any support from government or agencies either as they didn’t loss their property or family member, but, are equally impacted. Also, these families, who lost their livelihood options are not in a position to support their children in basic education.

The families those have members with ill health, are not in a position to financially support the family members in arranging/ providing good health facilities or buy medicines. There are cases, where many orphan and poor children are still in need of education as they need financial support. There are widowed ladies those are in dire need of livelihood support system or a business that can survive their family in long run. There are poor families whose sole earning member lost livelihood/daily wages and can’t survive long as there is poor economic situation around.

Prakriti team in this way has developed a series of lists of affected families, villages and communities as evidences for needed support.

The Need

There are community needs coming in terms of long and short term support. The short term support is needed for daily food items like grains, milk and vegetables;  building construction like houses, schools, community centers; and long term livelihood opportunities like setting up shops, labor/wage opportunities, setting up agro and farm based options/opportunities for widowed and poor women, financial support for the schooling of children and also supporting in higher /technical education of children from affected families.

There is need to develop better livelihood options through various alternative means, while also focusing upon sustainable development and quality education. There are opportunities towards developing and implementing strategic and well planned capacity building programs, those will lead to future livelihood opportunities to affected families, individuals and specially women in long terms.  In this way development of small enterprises in these mountain areas could help in employment generation.

Support in terms of finances could set up small businesses and also agro and farm based options for the women in these villages. The support in providing places and options for better education of children will help children and youths.

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Support Needed

At this moment at Prakriti group seek support from agencies/donors in terms of finances that could cater the above discussed needs in one or other way. We are open to discuss that in case agencies directly want to plan and implement such rehabilitation and relief projects in the villages or among communities, and here Prakriti team can provide facilitation and networking support. In case agencies are not able to implement such projects/programs their own, we would be able to do them together.

In case there is secured funding available with agencies, Prakriti team would be able to discuss the options further and can also provide required details.

For details, please contact:

Gajendra Rautela (Mr.)
Executive Secretary, Prakriti-a  Mountain Environment Group 
P.O. Silli, Agastyamuni, District- Rudraprayag,  Uttarakhand 246 421 India
Email: and
Mobile: +91-9897663711, +91-9719 137208 
Fixed Line: +91-1364-256261 
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