M-20 Campaign

Mountain 2011-2020 Campaign [M-20 Campaign]

Through M-20, a policy advocacy campaign, the Climate Himalaya team intends to develop a compendium of people’s voices, available knowledge, practices and actions for the much needed interventions towards climatic vulnerabilities and adaptation measures in the Himalayan mountain countries of South Asia like; Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

The Climate Himalaya team observes an urgent need to highlight the voices of mountain people from Himalayan region and to revisit the commitments made in chapter 13, agenda 21 of Rio 1992, to get it recognized and supported in all possible manners towards Sustainable Mountain Development therefore judicious implementation of climate adaptation and mitigation measures. Through M-20 campaign we are consistently advocating the commitments made during Rio+20 conference by the global community as sustainable development goals (SDGs) and action areas proposed for the mountain region of the world.

This ongoing 10 year long campaign (2011 to 2020) will highlight the need of mountain specific climate change related; research, planning, scientific communication, leadership development and models to build the capacities of mountain people at local, national and regional level.

The specific objectives of M-20 campaign are to:

  1. Strengthen knowledge networking and sharing actions among various stakeholders on climate change and specific mountain development issues in the Himalayan region;
  2. Work closely with potential leaders and Youth groups to generate larger awareness, and raise the issues of major concern through policy advocacy;
  3. Work on various capacity development and community outreach action areas;
  4. Develop compendium of available best knowledge and networks to showcase them.

To achieve above we are using knowledge networking, information sharing and capacity building tools to reach the local and global community.

The Youth Speak, Expert Speak  and Guest Speak columns are the ongoing activities of under Climate Himalaya’s M-20 campaign. As part of our Policy and Advocacy actions the findings and outcomes of this discourse is shared with all relevant stakeholders including the Governments in  Himalayan countries like Bhutan, India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Started in year 2010, ‘Climate Himalaya’ initiative has been working on the mountain and climate change related issues in the Himalayan region. In last two years this knowledge sharing portal has become one of the important reference for governments, research institutions, civil society groups and international agencies those have work and interest in Himalayas. The Climate Himalaya team innovates on knowledge sharing, capacity building and climatic adaptation in its focus countries like Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Climate Himalaya’s thematic areas of work are mountain ecosystem, water, forest and livelihood.

A brief note on various activities we are undertaking under M-20 campaign are given below. 

Youth Speak

YLSpeak-LogoIn this the youth columnists from various Himalayan countries write policy and action related articles in context to climatic scenario in the Himalayan region on issues like water, forest, agriculture, disaster, livelihood, governance, knowledge sharing and capacity building.  The youth’s those have work and interest in Himalayan mountain region are writing these articles (voluntarily) for Climate Himalaya’s Youth Speak Column.

The purpose of this Youth Speak column is to generate awareness among agencies, civil society groups and researchers to advocate for various policy linked issues in Himalayan countries those include; consideration of GLOF threats, Ecosystem Services like PES, promotion of agro-forestry models, understanding climate and health linkages, management of water, sanitation, collaborative action towards adaptation measures, among others. The articles published in this column are also published by our  network partners in their respective publications series and news letters. Many organizations and institutions ask us to take the articles of their interest to run and disseminate among their network of members. In this way it helps in achieving the mandate of knowledge networking and sharing via-a-vis  generate larger awareness about the hardship mountain communities are facing in different issues. It also helps the ‘Youth Writer’ to develop its network and also publicize his/her work internationally.

You can read the articles at Link>>

Are you a interested in WRITING at Youth Speak series? Write us at editor@chimalaya.org

Expert Speak

Expert-SpeaksIn this the experts on climate, environment and mountain issues wrote 14 articles on Himalayan glaciers, energy security, green economy, mountain perspective, water issues, trans-boundary conflicts, Carbon development mechanism and Durban outcomes. The opinion peace of articles specifically covered the issues related to Himalayan region and linked development in the region on various environment and climate fronts. One can read the articles at Link>>

Guest Speak

Opinion LeadersIn this 8 guest speakers authored 14 articles on various mountain issues ranging from community based forestry to water woes, climatic changes, global warming, national action plan, river management, carbon development, sustainable mountain development, updates from Durban CoP 17. This series also covered CoP 17 in detail through direct guest blog from the event at Durban during 2011. Read the articles >>

We regularly invite Expert and Guest Authors to write at CHI’s Expert and Guest Speak column! In case you have interest in writing in any of these columns or wish to help us by referring a guest or expert for that purpose, please write us at editor@chimalaya.org

CHI-NewsDaily Updates

In this campaign we regularly send daily and weekly updates to our network and registered members in Mailing List.  The news letter  contain  knowledge updates  on various researches, case studies, publications, scientific findings, global & regional meetings and adaptation practices. At CHI we manage a members network of over 2000 members in mailing list, googlegroup list, Facebook & Linkedin group,etc.

Mountain Voice Project

A multimedia information communication series that was launched during May 2012. The ‘Mountain Voice’ is an initiative of Climate Himalaya that captures the experiences, thoughts and opinions of people, practitioners, policy makers and researchers on various climate linked issues in the Himalayan region of South Asia. In this the team interacts with people to capture their voices to understand the current situation and by uploading them for the viewers worldwide.

The objective of ‘Mountain Voice’ is to generate awareness about region at various levels, so that Himalayan mountains are recognized among the important places, those need attention of the world leaders towards climate adaptation and development.   Through this series we are trying to ensure that the climate linked science and adaptation measures are communicated to the communities through videos, audio-visuals and other interactive media and also that the voices of mountain people from the countries like Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan is shared with the world.  It includes video clips, webcam talks, conversations, presentation, photo stories, among others. Link>>

Youtube Channel Link>>

Discussion Forum

Discusssion Forum LogoThe CHI team has been running a discussion forum since Feb 2012 that now has 4 major discussion topics of ‘Mountain Perspective’, Development of framework for Government and Business partnership, water resources and mountain communities-a business model, State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) India and over exploitation of mountain biodiversity and its protection.

Adaptation Idea Series

energy saving electricity pointAdaptation ideas’ , is a new series of innovation and knowledge sharing action of Climate Himalaya that started in March 2013, where we are sharing innovative ideas towards various adaptation actions at household (home), organizational (offices) and in common (public) places.  These ideas will be in the form of images, text and audio visuals and uploaded voluntarily. In ‘Adaptation Ideas’ we will be showcasing a number of simple, practical and innovative ideas those could be adopted by individuals, communities and organizations for various environment friendly adaptive practices.  The purpose of this ongoing series is to disseminate and communicate available practices, ideas and innovation for a better living planet ‘earth’. These ideas are being developed by reproducing them from various local and global sources including social networking platforms.  We collect these practices and ideas from various sources, and duly recognize and mention them in respective post. Link>>

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