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Climate Change And Gender: Innovations For Change And Results On The Anvil?

Jan 2nd, 2013 | By
Women in Pithoragarh

Suman K Apparusu: COP18, Doha participation and interfacing with several constituencies; especially the gender and women constituency was a great learning as well as a humbling experience. There were some women who braved difficult circumstances to make it to the COP18 and make their voices heard; some were there to push hard for climate justice;

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Doha: One Step Forward and Two Steps Backward?

Dec 24th, 2012 | By
Connie Hedegaard and Xie Zhenhua talk during the last day of the Doha climate talks. Photograph: IISD

Suman K Apparusu: The warmth and the hospitality of Doha are truly unforgettable! A wonderful combination of the old and new, tradition and modernity, ambition and receptivity struck me in all that I experienced during my one week sojourn of COP18 at Doha. But as the plane touched the tarmac in India, I was left

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Solar Innovations In India: Making A Cut With The Momentum For Change Initiative?

Nov 28th, 2011 | By

Suman K A: The UNFCCC Secretariat in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will create a series of platforms to encourage adaptation and mitigation projects that have promise to deliver high resilience and low carbon growth. This will be done through the Momentum for Change Initiative to be launched in Durban at CoP17. The

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Community Based Adaptation: Exporting Upscale Pathways from NAPCC- India

Oct 24th, 2011 | By
CBA-Dr. Piyush Rautela

Suman K A : Community based adaptation – CBA as it is popularly called is just that!  What lies at the heart of CBA is reducing the vulnerabilities and improving the adaptive capacities of communities that are likely to be most impacted by climate variability and change. The current body of knowledge gained from the

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The National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency: A Market Transforming Platform – Really?

Oct 12th, 2011 | By
crude oil tanks 2

Suman K A: The National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency, one of the key missions, of the National Action Plan for Climate Change has at its core – unlocking staggering INR 74,000 crore energy efficiency opportunities, reducing annual fuel savings by 23 mtoe, avoiding energy capacity addition worth 19000 MW, and achieving 98 million tCO2-e

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National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture- Averting Climate Refugee Class Creation!

Sep 23rd, 2011 | By
Aunty-in jungle

Suman K A: The National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA), one of the eight missions under the NAPCC, lays emphasis on four key functional areas and ten important dimensions. Through these, the mission seeks to target both; the imminent challenges from the likely impacts of climate change on Indian agriculture and the more fundamental ones

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National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change (NMSKCC): Priorities and Challenges

Sep 12th, 2011 | By

Suman K A: The National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change (NMSKCC) seeks to build a dynamic knowledge system that would inform and support national policy and action in addressing the climate change challenges while not compromising on the nation’s growth goals. This, it seeks to achieve through a combination of knowledge infrastructure, institutional

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Climate Information and Communication Backbone: A sine qua non for the NAPCC success

Sep 3rd, 2011 | By

Suman K A : In the earlier article series we saw a strong case for synthesis thinking to draw upon and integrate the perspectives of vulnerability, adaptive social protection and climate smart disaster management approaches to concrete ground level action – both short and long term. Is this thinking being taken seriously and put into

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National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA): A Case for Ganga Innovation Mechanism

Aug 23rd, 2011 | By
ganga river basin

Image via Wikipedia Suman K: The river Ganga is sacred to India and holds immense spiritual, social, cultural, recreational, and economic value to Indians. It originates in the Himalayas and traverses through a stretch of 2500 km across the north and eastern plains of India serving as a life force for close to 40% of

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Climate Smart: Adaptive Social Protection in Hindu Kush Himalaya

Aug 16th, 2011 | By
Ms.Suman K A

Suman K: The Hindu Kush Himalayan Region spans eight countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Nepal and China. It is home to around 1000 living languages, 4 global biodiversity hotspots, 60 eco regions, 27 Ramsar wetland sites, and as many as 13 UNESCO heritage sites. The region covers 10 major river basins from

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Mountain Development Learning Alliance- A Must!

Aug 4th, 2011 | By
Mountain Learning Alliance

Suman K A: Sustainable Mountain Development (SMD) we believe is fraught with significant challenges despite increased recognition of the mountain issues and concrete results in the direction of their resolution. Predominant among these are mountain communities vulnerability to growing scarcity of water, expanding tourism, climate change , increased incidence of natural disasters, out-migration, food insecurity,

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