Climate Change Causing Faster Glacier Melting

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360w-more-ice-is-being-able-to-enter-the-ocean-as-a-result-of-melting-glaciers_16000791_801708164_0_0_6000204_500Ice glaciers in West Antarctica are melting much faster than they were 40 years ago, according to a new study. Researchers have found that the amount of ice draining from the large glaciers increased between the years 1973 and 2010 by as much as 77 per cent, possibly due to the impact of climate change. This has already started to impact sea levels and will continue to do so.

A new study by the University of California-Irvine looked at the Smith, Kohler, Pine Island, Haynes, Pope and Thwaites glaciers, all of which discharge melted ice into the Amundsen Sea Embayment. Researchers found that the rate of melt from these six glaciers was responsible for around ten per cent of the sea level increase between 2005 and 2010, meaning they are discharging almost as much ice as the Greenland ice sheet.

The most active of the six glaciers is the Pine Island Glacier, which is now discharging around 75 per cent more ice than four decades ago, often in the form of huge icebergs. The Thwaites Glacier is the widest of the six and was recorded as having accelerated levels of ice loss during 2006.

Jeremie Mouginot, a glaciologist at the University of California-Irvine and co-author of the study, said: “What we found was a sustained increase in ice discharge – which has a significant impact on sea level rise. To see Thwaites, this monster glacier, start accelerating in 2006 means we could see even more change in the near future that could affect sea level.”

The total collapse of the glaciers would result in sea levels rising by around 1.2 metres, according to the study. This would mean that coastlines would be dramatically changed and that violent storm surges would be more likely to occur.

As climate change causes the world’s oceans to warm, this is increasing the rate at which the glaciers are melting. This is causing many of the glaciers that act as dams to ice streams flowing through West Antarctica to melt from below, allowing more ice to flow into the ocean, resulting in higher sea levels.



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One Comment to “Climate Change Causing Faster Glacier Melting”

  1. Donald Smalter says:


    Sinkholes, landslides,cable breaks,rail derailments, bridge collapses,gas line breaks,volcanic eruptions,uptike in quakes !!! WHAT IS CAUSING THESE MULTIPLE EARTH-MOVEMENT INCIDENTS WORLDWIDE NOW???


    (Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open!!)

    A gigantic hierarchical website of transcribed communications to an American woman, over more than 15 years to date, from benevolent extra-terrestrials,, claims that Planet X (or historical Nibiru), four times larger in diameter than Earth and magnetically more than 20 times stronger, is on a long elliptical path now slowly passing between the Sun and Earth — and does so every 3600+ years. The existence of Nibiru and its long orbit was first revealed by the Jewish-American scholar Zecharia Sitchin in his 1976 book “The 12th Planet” and multiple follow-on authored books all based on his Middle-Eastern archeological hieroglyphic interpretations. Nibiru was first spotted remotely by USA astronomers in 1983 and reported at that time in the Washington Post —- and since has been subject to a governmental coverup.

    It is currently hidden in the Sun’s glare, but distant photo images have been provided on the website and the internet. As it passes closer to Earth, likely within the next 24-or-so months, the aliens’ website predicts it will cause a drastic Earth pole shift of about ninety degrees, due to its magnetic strength. This would result per the website in more Earth wobble, then violent mega-earthquakes, super-hurricane winds, worldwide volcanic eruptions, and oceanic sloshing with gigantic tidal waves inundating most low-lying coastal areas and cities, e.g., Netherlands, Denmark, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong, NYC, LA, Miami. Food, water, electricity, and gasoline distribution would collapse resulting in massive relocations, rampant crime, riots and starvation. Much housing would be destroyed. Melting old poles combined with much warmer oceans due to a hotter Earth core, per the aliens, would cause a greater than 600 foot rise in ocean levels in the following two years. In worst case, as little as twenty percent of the world population might survive.

    Exactly when this shift might happen is unclear if all goes as currently projected, but we already have an unusual number of signs. A rise in strong earthquakes, e.g., Chile, New Zealand, Sumatra, northern Japan, Turkey. Increasing volcanic activity occurring worldwide. Unprecedented land sinking, e.g., Java, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia. Malfunctioning electronic connections for satellites. Bridge and mine collapses. Worldwide RR derailments. Water, sewer and gas line breaks. And much unusual weather: Intractable droughts, with massive crop damage. Unprecedented regional downpours and flooding major regions, e.g., Java, Philippines. Much flooding in unusual spots. Giant sinkholes, e.g., China, Pennsylvania. Unusual rogue tidal waves. A sharp rise in USA tornadoes. Melting pole ice and glaciers. Recently, large asteroid hit, e.g., in Russia.

    Minor wobbles of the Earth pole positions are occurring per the website. Nibiru’s magnetic strength apparently is already stirring the earth environment and appears to be causing some of the climate change/global warming effects, questionably blamed on atmospheric CO2. Leading up to the shift, near-term, they predict more Japanese mega-quakes, a build-up of Midwest USA quakes from Memphis/New Madrid to Buffalo NY, then an early tsunami inundating low portions of the Netherlands, Denmark, and UK.

    TAKING STEPS AHEAD OF TIME WOULD BE CRITICAL AS THE SHIFT WOULD TAKE PLACE WITH LIMITED WARNING. This is likely to happen before 2016 or 2017. Many early indicators are occurring as cited above, but mainly, a second (small blob-like) sun will next become visible in daylight — but apparently already visible with multiple moons and trailing dust/rock clouds, per select photos (re Nibiru) in the website. There would, according to the alien predictions, be a lean of the North pole leading to three days of darkness for the northern hemisphere. The Internet would begin to malfunction as satellites, oceanic cables fail, as already occurring in the western Pacific. Within four months after the lean, the pole shift would then occur rather suddenly. If this does happen, to survive, food, water, and gasoline especially must be accumulated and stored. And camping equipment with gardening and other tools. Moving far away beforehand, i.e., at least 200 miles and 1000 ft elevation, from low coastal areas would be critical for survival.

    Why hasn’t Nibiru’s existence been publicized? Because leaders in major governments know and have suppressed informing, wanting to avoid panic, hoping perhaps that results would be less than predicted. Severity of damages to Earth depend on where Earth is in its solar system orbit relative to the Nibiru passage. Only a select circle of world and USA leaders are informed and preparing. At some point, the various governments will be forced to openly announce its presence. Any first public announcement by USA/NASA leaders is likely to minimize projections in order to minimize reactionary panic.

    All this may seem preposterous, but my extended research over the last dozen-plus years into pre-history, abandoned cities archeology, mythology, past geological catastrophes, such as many underwater civilization remnants, provide ample evidence for past pole shifts. Psychic messengers, Mother Mary apparition messages, UFO/alien communications, English crop circle designs, all are providing warnings specifically time-wise to a pole shift about this current period, based on a frequency pattern of every 3600+ years due to a periodic Nibiru flyby. No direct hit with Earth is anticipated.

    For a few historical and geological examples:

    1) Niagara Falls gorge was created about 3600 years ago per geologists, 2) Simultaneously, larger northern Canada lakes were created, 3) At that time, also an upward thrust of the Andes happened, 4) Greenland ice cores show volcanic ash layer about 1600+ BC, 5) Tree rings in Irish oak logs in peat bogs show growth stop about 1600+ BC, 6) California Bristlecone pine trees show no growth rings about 1600+ BC, 7) Thera/Santorini eruption occurred about 1600+ BC in Mediterranean, Minoan Crete culture inundated, 8) Shang Dynasty China suffered abrupt end about 1600+ BC due to severe events. 9)Alien messages from the Cassiopaean star system date the last shift specifically as the year 1588 BC— plus 2014 = 3602 years, and 10) numerous other geological events e.g., about 11,000 years ago, or 3 times 3600 years, there is worldwide geological evidence of horrendous chaos with the disappearance of Atlantis. Also, 4 times 3600 years is the estimated time period for inundation of a continent surrounding Easter Island.

    NOW, in the spring of 2014, in spite of potential ridicule, I feel an obligation to alert everyone EARLY about the horrible possibilities to let you decide what if anything you will do to prepare. Look for related news, study, then ACT, or deny and ignore, as you see best for you and those you love. For verification, the one best source to review is, the gigantic hierarchical website.

    Especially, read these suggested website pages concerning the anticipated pole shift —

    For Evidence: Search Zetatalk archives (use the Search box)

    1) Velikovsky & 3600 Signature 2) Passage in Prophecy & Legend 3) The Magnetic Dance between Earth & Planet X 4) English Crop Circle messages 5) Scripted Drama 6) Most Terrible Day

    See Safe Locations:

    e.g., Kansas safer than most; Florida, NYC, LA, New Orleans, Houston, and other low-lying world cities — NOT safe

    For follow-up: see 1) Ning Chats Archives on website every Saturday PM

    2) Troubled Times (for suggested survival steps), and

    3) Subscribe to the free weekly Internet Newsletter (published every Sunday AM)



    NOTE: “There have been very highly evolved civilizations on this planet. There have been bodies in space which came too close, which caused chaos and destruction. The civilizations were destroyed because evolvement was in technology and not in spiritual growth. CATASTROPHES ARE NEEDED FROM WHICH SOULS LEARN.”
    Book Source: Andareon Theory

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