400 PPM And Drought

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Indian-farmer-droughtI thought that it would be time to stop writing about the environment, specifically about climate change, that my previous articles had  lambasted and even backed up with actions to mitigate,enhance,restore and rehabilitate our natural resources.

However, today’s extreme heat prompted me back to writing.

The day’s temperature was over 37-degrees  Centigrade. Frankly, without exaggeration,it gave a real feel of over 50 degrees! It felt like the planet was on fire, burning like it never burned before. Due to this intolerable heat, everywhere more and more  people are suffering from fatal heat strokes.

We feel it. At least I do and we can’t take this much longer.

Both croplands and species  suffer. Lands turn into arid deserts, claiming wider coverage.

As I write this, India is suffering from its worst drought in the last 40 years. The cycle seems to be getting shorter,a forewarning that there will be more severe droughts as there will be more severe winter storms,floods,typhoons.

Some experts theorize that no amount of efforts can help India combat  its  worsening drought and its growing desert.

Its  people,as well as their cattle, among others,are now  dying  due to  extreme heat. What is to become of India  and other  countries similarly suffering from extreme heat  and drought ?

India once boasted of its  landscape so rich and  blessed with pristine forest and the richest top soil. Its soil was so rich, that one used to have the impression that anything planted on India’s soil  would expectedly grow into a bountiful harvest.

Well,that is history now, not only for India but anywhere else. Those days  of bounty may be gone forever as our planet continues to heat up.

Look at  how our biodiversity is still being battered by polluters !  Our waters, forest , seas, and practically all aspects of our ecosystem are still being abused !

One reason is  the continuing  use of   the so-called ‘ present development model approach’ that global leaders adhere to.

This ineffective development model is dictated  not  by a genuine intention to save our planet, but by   lust for power, money and greed! Other than these self-gratifying factors , what else could be holding back  these leaders from changing their approach to a more effective, precise and clear-cut manner in dealing with the perennial global warming and climate change issues?

How can they refuse to see how poverty and unemployment are racing  against each other, both in acceleration that seems unstoppable ? The global economy is in shambles, with all the billions of dollars used for bail-out and stimulus-deficit financing instead of well-planned programs, projects and policies suitable to the enhancement of our biodiversity that is tantamount to feeding a large population.

These huge funds could have been used in combating climate change and global warming which the  leaders  failed to resolve.They never really were serious, I guess. Or are they trying to bask on their failures,instead?

Why? Because  the ineffective results of such approach are proving to the world how  the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCCC) fail to resolve both the cause and consequences of more droughts,storms and natural calamities now weighing upon us.

One can only imagine the impact of these natural calamities and man-made catastrophies in a deluge against us!

Without any concrete agreement among the parties, it is clear that there are no serious goals set for reducing greenhouse gasses. It is practically obvious that  there is no real consensus on how to simply  reduce GHG and mitigate global warming. This close-fisted seriousness should have been ingrained in their approach at the onset in order to win the war against climate change.

The question is : do these leaders ever think that way?

The answers are right in front of our eyes. All we need to do is open them.

Once  the global problem of climate change continue to be addressed with urgency, this inaction will trigger more Arab springs and a battle for resources in the not-so-distant future.

It is quite hopeful that environmental awareness campaign these days inspire more and more citizens and organizations to help our ailing environment.

Yet, a handful is not enough. All  of us must equally rise beyond the call of duty to protect Mother Earth.

The planet can still survive from its present  perilous state,despite the extreme heat  and drought that threatens it, for as long as everyone commits to  help reduce their carbon foot print.

Once each man’s  commitment and action strengthen this common goal, hope for Mother Earth’s fast recovery will serve like a vast oasis in a desert for all.

That kind of  oasis that never runs dry.

Author: Antonio M. Claparols President Ecological Society of the Philippines IUCN-Member IUCN-CEESP 53 Tamarind Road
Forbes Park Makati City Philippines Email-jamc@mozcom.com         http://www.esp.org.ph

Source: IUCN List: TSEAPRISE@lists.iucn.org


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