No End To The Himalayan Blunder?

The response to recent Uttarakhand disaster is seemingly inadequate, writes Dr. Sudhirendar Sharma. It has not only been a policy failure but institutional inadequacies lie exposed too. Mountain peculiarities have remained an exercise in academic deliberations. Often piecemeal and repetitive, several high level committees of the state have neither been able to foresee latent threats

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As an empirical climate networkCLIMATE HIMALAYA’ initiative innovates on closing knowledge gap through information sharing and networking on climate change impact in the Himalayan Mountains. Besides understanding climatic vulnerability we work towards developing pan-Himalayan climate resilient mountain communities through various climate adaptation actions and providing links between practice, science, policy and decision making. More>>



Drought Adds to Syria’s Misery

Climate News Network: The conflict in Syria has devastated much of the country’s agricultural sector. But while the fighting has left large tracts of farmland abandoned, irrigation systems smashed and livestock neglected, other forces have also been at work. Syria – and much of the Eastern Mediterranean region – is in the grip of one of

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India’s Worsening Water Crisis

In northern India, groundwater supplies are being depleted faster than natural processes can replenish them. According to The World Bank, India is the largest user of ground water in the world, after China. If something is not done soon, an estimated 114 million Indians will soon face desperate domestic, agricultural and industrial shortages. What is causing

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EU to host industry Talks Ahead of Setting 2030 Climate Goals

(Reuters) – The European Commission will hold three meetings this summer on how to ensure the bloc’s industries can compete in global markets while meeting goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions, it said on Wednesday. The meetings aim to gather views on rules determining if companies can continue to receive free carbon permits under the EU Emissions

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The Energy Revolution is in Reverse

Climate News Network: Keeping the rise in global average temperatures to no more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels will not be prohibitively expensive, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says, though it won’t be easy. There’s just one problem: the atmospheric facts show that the world is not simply ignoring the IPCC. It’s moving smartly

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Nepal, India and Bhutan Agree on New Transboundary Landscape for Hindu Kush

Republica: Nepal, India and Bhutan have formally reached an agreement to include a new cross-boundary landscape covering parts of eastern Nepal, Sikkim and the northern parts of West Bengal in India as Kangchenjunga landscape in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region. The cross-boundary landscape spans 16,000 square kilometers and it is one of the seven cross-boundary areas

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Ahead of Sendai Conference, Ban Pushes for 2015 Global Agreement on Disaster Risk

UN News Center: Disaster risk reduction and climate change are closely linked, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed, reiterating to the world community his key priorities through the next year as preparations continue for the 2015 world conference on reducing risk from natural disasters. “The aim is simple: to leave a more resilient world to future generations,” Mr. Ban

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Science Finds New Routes to Energy

Climate News Network: While politicians posture, and climate scientists sigh sadly, researchers in laboratories continue to devise ingenious new ways to save energy, increase efficiency, and make the most of solar power. Darren Drewry of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and two colleagues from the University of Illinois have a computer model that could design

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Adaptation Ideas


Wooden Skyscrapers Help Cool Climate

Climate News Network: US scientists have a new green solution to urban construction: chop down trees and use the wood for buildings. Good strong timber buildings – and there are plans for 30-storey skyscrapers built of wood – would save on concrete and steel, save on carbon dioxide emissions and cut the use of fossil fuel.

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Post-2015 – Why Should Bhutan Care?

If I told people that my position is called “Post-2015 National Coordinator”, majority wouldn’t have the faintest idea what such a person actually does. This article tries to explain what post-2015 means, and what is its relevance to Bhutan Today the world celebrates the UN International Day of Happiness, marked for the second time. Bhutan

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Deepening Challenge in Climate Change

Over the preceding months the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released the fifth version of its assessment report (AR5), covering science, impacts and mitigation. In election season, there is a real risk that the messages of the IPCC will be crowded out by more immediate concerns. This would be a pity, because the

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Govt Fails to Meet Climate Change Policy Goals

The Himalayan Times: The government has failed to meet the specific objectives set in its climate change policy despite allocating billions of rupees annually to address an issue that has global ramifications. The climate change policy adopted by the government in 2011 has stated that 80 per cent of the climate change budget will be diverted

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Headless Departments Unable to Look at Adverse Environmental Impacts

At a time when the Metro Bus Project worth Rs44.21 billion is moving ahead on fast-track basis, all relevant departments and parliamentary committees which are supposed to keep strict vigil over adverse environmental impacts of the development projects are either no more functional or being run without their bosses. Sources pointed out that the post

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Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

IPCC Working Group II Contribution to AR5 The Working Group II contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report considers the vulnerability and exposure of human and natural systems, the observed impacts and future risks of climate change, and the potential for and limits to adaptation. The chapters of the report assess risks and opportunities for societies,

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Climate Change Causing Faster Glacier Melting

Ice glaciers in West Antarctica are melting much faster than they were 40 years ago, according to a new study. Researchers have found that the amount of ice draining from the large glaciers increased between the years 1973 and 2010 by as much as 77 per cent, possibly due to the impact of climate change. This

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The Cost of Limiting Climate Change Could Double without Carbon Capture Technology

When it comes to technology for averting climate change, renewable energy often gets the limelight. But a relatively neglected technology—capturing carbon dioxide from power plants—could have a far bigger impact on the economics of dealing with climate change, according to a U.N. report released earlier this week. The report is the third in a series of major

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Indian Climate Experts Slam Latest IPCC Report

Sci Dev Net: Climate policy experts from India have greeted the release of the latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with ire. The draft report, a summary of which was released in Berlin, Germany, this week (13 April), is written by the IPCC’s third working group, which focuses on climate change mitigation.

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Global Warming


Global Warming: Too Warm For Comfort

CLIMATE change and global warming are here, no doubt about it,” an editorial by the BusinessMirror declares.  Sen. Loren Legarda agreed: “Climate change is now a clear and present danger and a national security concern for our country.” Climate change has become, in recent years, the most fashionable horror story of science.  Scientists, politicians and laymen are alarmed

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